A downloadable game for Windows

  • Open Source:
    • This game is open source under the MIT Licence
    • While this site contains all you need to play Exterra, the source code, any new updates, and new releases will be posted to our Github page: Team-Honey-Badger
  • Team Overview:
    • Lead AI developer: Alexander Barsukov
      • Developed:
        • Boss fights
        • NPC behavior and systems (spawners and waypoints)
        • Player movement controls
        • Respawning and level progression
    • Lead level developer: Joshua Knight
      • Developed:
        • Level layouts
        • Doors and moving platforms
        • Health packs and keys
        • Main menu
    • Lead weapon developer: George Bencivengo
      • Developed:
        • Weapons
        • Weapon inventory
        • Ammo system
  • Game Overview:
    • Exterra is a Doom and Quake inspired First Person Shooter. The plot involves the main character crashing on a hostile alien planet. He must fight through the levels to find a way off the planet.
  • Main features:
    • Fast paced FPS combat
    • Large and shiny sci fi themed levels
    • Challenging boss fights
    • Hoards of NPC enemies in chaotic combat
  • Gameplay:
    • Play as a space soldier
    • Resources include Health, Ammo, and Stamina
  • Controls
    • WSAD movement
    • Space to jump
    • Left mouse to shoot
    • Left shift to sprint (while walking)
    • Nums 1 - 5 for weapon selection
    • Scroll Wheel weapon selection
    • R to reload (not required)
    • F10 to suicide
  • Difficulties and challenges:
    • Weapon code (for George)
    • Integrating Git with Unreal Engine 4 (binary file conflicts)
    • Learning Unreal Engine 4 (poor documentation + out of date tutorials)
  • Desired future improvements
    • Weapon system revamp
    • Increased NPC, Boss, and Weapon variety
    • More levels and level features (keys, platforms, etc.)
    • More cutscenes and better story development

Install instructions

1. Extract the multiple files together

2. Launch ExterraStandalone/WindowsNoEditor/UnreallyDoomed.exe

Note: Project is code named UnreallyDoomed


Exterra_Windows_v1.1.7z.001 450 MB
Exterra_Windows_v1.1.7z.002 411 MB