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Ludum Dare 35 Entry

Scale obstacles as a shapeshifting polygon!


  • Left/Right for turning/moving
  • Hold up to "jump"
  • Z,X,C,(V/Space) to shapeshift
  • Backspace to respawn
  • Tab to mute music
  • Escape to quit
  • < and > to skip though levels
  • F11 to toggle Fullscreen


  • Climber (Z):
    • Can move, turn, and jump
    • Use tips (not edges) to jump against objects
    • Good for bouncing around and climbing up and down
  • Ball (X):
    • Can move and turn but not jump
    • Moves faster but less bouncy
    • Smaller (good for tight spaces)
  • Anchor (C):
    • Can't move or jump
    • Weighs much more
    • Literally just used as a weight
  • Ghost (V/Space):
    • Can't steer movement
    • No gravity
    • Returns to previous shape after exiting a wall
    • Decays after a few seconds without hitting a wall
    • Will respawn you if you get stuck inside of a wall
  • Hints:
    • This is a few second cooldown to shape shifting
    • Ghost clipping is proximity based, so if you ghost while on the ground, it will not stop ghosting until after you are far enough away from the ground
    • Once again, climber sides/edges are for slowing down, tips are more bouncy
    • Level 2 is not that hard! Time-wise it's the easiest/shortest level. You can use your shapeshifting creativity to skip most of it!

Made from scratch using:

  • Game Engine:
    • Godot Engine 2.0.2
  • Sound Effects:
    • Bfxr
  • "Music":
    • Bosca Ceoil
  • Art:
    • Aseprite

Install instructions

Simply extract and run, although idk how the Mac one works...


MirrorsPolygon_Linux64_v1_2.zip 9 MB
MirrorsPolygon_Windows64_v1_2.zip 10 MB
MirrorsPolygon_Mac64_v1_2.zip 9 MB

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