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Claim your place at the top of the treehouse by killing everyone in your way... even the tree!


  • WASD/Arrow keys to move
  • SPACE to pickup
  • R to restart
  • LMB to shoot

Hint: The non-moving alien-looking objects are weapons that you should look for because the default weapon is bad.

Source Code Link: https://gitlab.com/batmanasb/LD38-entry/tree/master

Change log:

  1. hotfix1: fixed level skipping when last hitting boss with multiple bullets
  2. balanceUpdate1: rebalanced weapon stats since shotgun was by far the best weapon, and fixed boss hit animation
  3. hotfix2: copied hotfix1 into mob's script to fix last hitting with multiple bullets rewarding a kill for every bullet touching the mob


NuclearTreehouse_hotfix2.zip 47 MB

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